I Heart LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn on an almost daily basis to establish and maintain connections with clients, crew, subjects, other photographers and people I meet during portfolio reviews or other events.  I wish it had been around years ago when I first started showing my portfolios because it’s an incredible tool for staying connected with people, especially if they change jobs.  I can’t tell you how many people I met with 5 years ago that I now have almost no way of tracking down, especially if they have a popular first or last name (or both).

I would be surprised if freelancers in any field were not taking advantage of this great connecting tool, especially photographers.  I have had people contact me through the site who were interested in hiring me.  This makes sense. As I have begun keeping better track of all the requests that come for my services, about 80% of them come from referrals or previous clients.

My philosophy is that everyone in my network should have some sort of connection to me in the non-virtual world.  Even if its just a meeting or a request for a quote that doesn’t pan out, it’s better than just connecting with people I don’t know.  All the more reason to get out from behind the computer and get some actual face time more often.


2 thoughts on “I Heart LinkedIn

  1. I think Linked In is a bit more professional than other social media sites. It’s popularity is not like twitter or FB though. It would be interesting to see where it ranks.

  2. Bravo Callie.
    I tell all my clients and creatives to get into LI versus FB to make business connections. Plus, because of your excellent networking efforts both on and off line, you have connected with me and my network.

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