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Underwater photography

Over Labor Day weekend, I was lucky enough to finally pull together a test with an idea I have been ruminating on for probably over a year. And the weather even cooperated! We have some behind the scenes footage from Robert and will work on getting those together soon. Big thanks to the cast and to Leslie Pace for styling, Ashley Vest for hair and makeup, Ashton Hansen and Andrew Lawrence for assisting and Lorena Petani for location scouting. Also, big thanks to Robert for arranging the rental of an underwater housing for the 5dmkii.


Some of the ads from our KitchenAid project this past spring and a few behind the scenes shots.

Agency: Digitas Chicago
Wardrobe Styling: Leslie Pace
Hair/Makeup: Morgan Blaul
Assistants: Ashton Hansen, Dustin Halleck, Gavin Gould
Production: John Olsen


I had the pleasure of working with the ABA Journal on our third consecutive Legal Rebels cover this summer.  You can read the articles on their website here. 

Talent: Ross Dimun, Lilys’
Wardrobe: Patte Lau
Makeup: Morgan Blaul

I also had the privilege to travel to NYC to shoot stills and video of 5 of the rebels for the article and online components. Shown here is Nithya Das, an attorney from Goodwin Procter. You can see her story and the video interview I shot with her here.


Instagram has become my new favorite way to journal my work and travels.  Perhaps it will take over for the blog one day?

Here are some of my favorite shots of stuff I saw while working and otherwise in the past few months:

There was a theme of messes on the studio floor developing.  And I am always on the lookout for cool shots of locations I am working on or things I am seeing while traveling.  I’d like to take it further into a personal project some day, maybe a new year’s resolution?  You can follow me on Instagram (clipkin) or through my twitter feed (@callielipkin)

Studio testing

I have a series of conceptual portraits I have been working on in studio for some upcoming promotions.  Special thanks to Morgan Blaul for makeup, Patte Lau for wardrobe and Ashton Hansen for assisting with this.  Would love your feedback!